Saturday, September 20, 2008

HEY! It's Saturday!

When I came in this morning, the store looked great. I guess what I did yesterday really got me somewhere, I had time to prep, do paperwork, clean, stock, make bags, get my carhops ready for their shifts, AND I got there on time. Which gave me at least twenty minutes before I opened the store to go outside and smoke a cigarette, call my guy, and wait for Mary. Once I got off work, I had to go to the bank, make three deposits, get their order for Monday (I bring them food), and get reciepts. Then I drove to see my guy.
Monday morning, I have two trucks to unload, a whole lot of temp logs to do for an audit, and I also have to deal with one of my co-managers. Which means I need to talk to him about how he closes the store, and how he really needs to be doing it. I hope it sinks in...his job is at stake. I think that is about all for tonight, I might write tomorrow, I think I will have things to talk about, we are throwing a duel birthday party for my sister and my nephew. That should be very entertaining. Until tomorrow!

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