Saturday, September 20, 2008

HEY! It's Saturday!

When I came in this morning, the store looked great. I guess what I did yesterday really got me somewhere, I had time to prep, do paperwork, clean, stock, make bags, get my carhops ready for their shifts, AND I got there on time. Which gave me at least twenty minutes before I opened the store to go outside and smoke a cigarette, call my guy, and wait for Mary. Once I got off work, I had to go to the bank, make three deposits, get their order for Monday (I bring them food), and get reciepts. Then I drove to see my guy.
Monday morning, I have two trucks to unload, a whole lot of temp logs to do for an audit, and I also have to deal with one of my co-managers. Which means I need to talk to him about how he closes the store, and how he really needs to be doing it. I hope it sinks in...his job is at stake. I think that is about all for tonight, I might write tomorrow, I think I will have things to talk about, we are throwing a duel birthday party for my sister and my nephew. That should be very entertaining. Until tomorrow!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday, I decided to buy a new car when I got off work, so I looked on Craig's list and found a Cutless, and bought it! ha ha, life feels so good, when you can just go buy a car! What I really want to talk about though is, this morning when I came in to open the store, I looked in the back, and noticed that every utensil, pan, spout, EVERYTHING, was in the sinks, with a note telling me to scrub every little thing one by one. UrrrGGG!...The night shift is supposed to have that store spotless when I come in. It is their JOB. So I called the owner, and informed him of this, my general manager has done this to me before, as well as the closing manager. I am not supposed to still be closing the store when I am opening it right? If they absolutely could not do these four sinks of dishes, then they could have at least warned me so that I could come in early, or not have made me do it on a truck day, and a Friday at that! It is not my job to clean up after them. I also had to clean the fryers and change out the grease, which my cook helped me with. The owner told me that the store will never look like that again. And if it does I can transfer to whatever store I like, and he will fire the "manager" if you want to call them that. He said "I sign your checks not them". That is reassuring me that I will not loose my job for going over one of my bosses. I had to do it, because at least three times a week the store is an absolute mess! They are mad at me but honestly, I don't care. I work my ass off everyday for them, and I get trampled on. Not anymore!! Whew, had to get all that off my chest. well I will say more tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hump day!

I talked to my G.M. today about the schedule changes and how we can fix our labor problem, so I will now be cooking in the morning, and I will hire a car hop to come in at seven. I don't really have much to talk about today. Sorry. However, I did go to the bank and give all of thier employees free iced lattaes today. And it took somewhere around fifeteen minutes to make three deposits! boo. I am sure something interesting will happen tomorrow. Til' then...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its Tuesday! yay!

Ha ha. Today, I had the biggest truck to unload. And the stupid people who deliver it decided to stick EVERYTHING at the back door instead of putting it in the stock room where it belongs, so I couldn't even get into the freezer. It took me like an hour and a half to get that thing done. Then there were things we needed that weren't ordered, and things we didn't need were ordered. To many of things we don't need, seems to be a reoccurring issue. I think I should just start doing the truck order myself, I know what we need, I see it everyday. Well I think we are rearranging our crew because labor is high, which means I won't be car hoping in the morning. I will be cooking. boo! I would much rather keep things the way they are. Now I will have to hire a carhop for the morning, and I wont be working with Mary anymore. *sniff*sniff* Well, I will update on what actually happens with all this when I know. When I got home today I was going to take a short nap, and I fell asleep for 5 hours! I just hope I can go to sleep tonight. I know I can fall asleep, but the question is for how long? Hopefully all night, If I wake up early, I can always go to work and make more money! Well Wednesday should be interesting, I am training a car hop. Hopefully she will be competent enough to learn how to take orders. I will let you guys know tomorrow. Write more then!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Okay so today is Monday. Big Whoop. I had Sunday off and basically just slept all day. Today was a very boring day at work, however none of my carhops showed up and I had to take orders, make drinks, and take them out to customers which is extremely hard to do when you have fifteen cars in the parking lot at any given point in time. Also I think we have a thief. For the past three days our cash has been anywhere from ten to twenty dollars short, so I am making all of the managers do a deposit at the end of their shift. Hopefully this fixes things, or at least lets the thief know that he or she has been caught. Also since I have hired a marketer our sales have gone up 2,000 dollars this week from this week last year. Good call right? Yeah I thought so. Nothing very entertaining today, truck orders, inventory all the normal stuff. Although I did get hit on. Ha ha. I find it very amusing when someone hits on me. I don't really know why I do. I just think it is funny. I guess men are attracted to big white girls after all. lol. I have my eye on somebody anyway. We have known each other for a very long time, dated, and since broken up. I just cant let him go, and I don't really want to either. Its working for me. My sister thinks it is a dumb idea, but its not about what she wants, although I do value her opinion. Its about what I want. Well, until Tuesday!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What a day...

So this I suppose is the first official blog about my morning. A lot of interesting things have gone on today. This morning I was really really tired when I got to work, so I decided to take a little nap in my truck, like twenty minutes or so. One of my many bosses who works at another sonic and watches me on camera all day called me and said "Are you going to open the store?!". Ha ha, I told him I was just on my way in. Normally I get to work around 5, but it only takes me about twenty minutes to set everything up. So I go in, and open the store. When Mary got to work this morning, we were really slow, so basically we just did prep work for about an hour or so. I cleaned out the whole fountain station and rearranged everything, I do this about three times a week seeing as how my employees don't know how to keep things neat and tidy, or stocked up for that matter. A lot of what I do is cleaning up after other peoples messes. Catching up on paperwork usually takes about twenty minutes or so. A little later on after the breakfast rush (which isn't much on Saturdays) I had a bright idea. We have this helium tank to fill balloons up in the corner, so I thought it would be brilliant to make my cook suck up some helium and talk to me. She had never done this before. Picture this: 5 foot Filipino girl, sucking helium for the first time. That girl was so hilarious, I took a video of it on my Verizon voyager phone *so cool!*. Then we both thought "what if we take orders talking like this?". I took about four orders with a helium induced high squeaky voice, and you know what? Most of the customers had little to know reaction! I thought it would be great but it was somewhat of a failure. Although I did get a slight cackle from the first lady I tried it on. It gave me and Mary alot to laugh about. Around ten o'clock this morning this guy came up on the patio to order some food and warned me about a parade coming right on the highway! I had no idea there was going to be a parade, and block the entrance to my store. Nevertheless Mary and I decided to go outside and watch it. It turned out to be one of the strangest parades I have ever seen! All kinds of crazy little Shriner's, in crazy little cars, doing weird things. The coolest thing I think I saw was about fifteen motorcycles doing figure eights all up and down the highway, almost hitting each other on multiple occasions. Also there was a little beetle car that looked like Herbie, with hydraulics! That was pretty neat. Totally random entertainment this morning, that's how I like them. While the parade was going on I was supposed to be at the bank getting receipts from cash drops to turn in to my boss by twelve, however that was not possible so I had to do it late today. When I was gone called to see if anyone needed anything. BIG MISTAKE, everyone needed something, I spent like twenty minutes in CVS looking for every specific request. Lets see if i remember...3 cans of Crunk Juice (energy drinks), 2 packs of Marlboro Lights, 1 pack of Camel Menthol's, one thing of personal hand sanitizer, a Butterfinger, a bag of Skittles, and a few other things. When I got back trying to tell people how much they owe me, and them not understanding because they are all dimwits was quite amusing. I was like "OKAY, you got a candy bar and a pack of cigarettes, you owe me $4.15, they would be like, how do you get that?....urrggg. Like I said, dimwits. Well then, Now I am at home in my Comfy chair and I have tomorrow off! yay!!! I work six days a week so Sunday really is my Sabbath day. Its the one day I get to sleep past four in the morning, even though I still wake up at 7 or 8.
Until Monday......

Friday, September 12, 2008

First One!!

Okay, So it seems that life at my job is more entertaining than one might think. I go to work very early in the morning to open the store. I get there at 5 a.m. and my cook (we will just call her Mary) gets there at 6. Mary is a little Filipino lady (well in her early thirties) who is absolutely hilarious. Normally it is just her and I until 11 o'clock. This gave us allot of time to get to know each other seeing as how there isn't much business until 8 or 9 and then it dies down until lunch. So Monday through Saturday I work and I have Sundays off. Mary is on the same schedule as I am. You know we do our prep work, I do all the manager stuff, and she does all the cook stuff. You know, business is business. All the same things get quite interesting in my little life at Sonic. There is drama with staff, bosses, employees, and there is never a lack of things to talk about. My intention on starting this blog, is to give people an insight on how much hard work goes into being a manager of a restaurant, and to share some amusing stories to the world. Day in and day out, my life at my job will be documented and on display for you all to see. Hope you enjoy this endeavor I am about to go on. Write more tomorrow!